Release Notes Thru 2016-03-18

Reputation Loop


  • Added Mobile Funnel Feedback Section to Feedback & Ratings Tab.
  • Added a New Sub Menu Inside the Feedback & Ratings Section to be able to See All Mobile Funnel Feedback Easily.
  • Added Mobile Message Character Checker.
  • Preview checker verifies the character limits for initial SMS message and will  display a red box if 160-character limit is exceeded. System will still send a    message, however, it may be through fragmented or multiple text messages.
  • Implemented Zillow Review API:

        - Added ability to monitor reviews on Zillow, pull existing and new reviews into the business level dashboard, stream reviews to micro site and plugins, as well as socially share reviews.

Fixes / Updates

  • Released WP Plugin Version

          - Updated Read More link redirect;

          - Added Zillow option; and

          - Re-Added the Wordpress Plugin API key again to Review Streaming tab.

  • Updated CSV file upload to allow both email and/or cell phone to trigger the initial  sequence.
  • Updated OpenTable, Zillow and Facebook icons for micro site and plugins.
  • Updated system to prevent mobile funnel ratings from being displayed on micro site or through the plugin streaming.
  • Updated feedback email release window to send any follow up message at 10:00 a.m. EST.
  • Fixed initial feedback request email merge fields that did not properly populate.
  • Updated automated social sharing logic to improve/optimize auto post process.

Local Prospector


  • Nothing new this week.

Fixes / Updates

  • Nothing new this week.


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