Release Notes Thru 2016-02-22

Reputation Loop


    SMS Review Request Module   

  • Added ability to send review request via SMS and/or HTML with four (4) new feedback templates;
  • New HTML email templates to match SMS review request funnels;
  • Added ability to edit each SMS page and change overall color scheme to brand the business;
  • Changed unique qualifier requirement for contact record to be added/updated using name and email and/or phone to manage and update data;
  • Changed external quick add page functionality to function as a check-in form;
  • Updated layout of Feedback Settings and Feedback Pages under business level setup to allow mobile funnel configuration;
  • Added review request delay functionality so a review request can be delayed for a specific number of hours after being added to check-in form;
  • Added Twilio API integration for Agency level; and
  • Added ability for Agency users to Enable/Disable and set SMS messaging limits for businesses under their account. 

    Public API

  • Released basic public API inside of all business level accounts; and
  • Added ability to add or retrieve customer information including first, last, customer id, email, phone, employee and rating. 


  • Updated mobile capacity of Agency level dashboard to manage businesses;
  • Released plugin update 2.9 adding in additional review sites for streaming;
  • Patched a defect where the iframe and plugin were showing new feedback immediately, instead of delaying the post for seven (7) days;
  • Re-added ability on the desktop positive feedback page to allow a customer to copy  the initial feedback to a clipboard, for easy copy/paste to an online review site;
  • Added the ability to delete header alert banner when logging into an account;
  • Removed VeriSearch LLC footer from sub admin accounts; and
  • Repaired the ability to add a business from under a sub user account. 

Local Prospector


  • Nothing new this week.


  • Updated Contact Legend API to filter first name if the user only enters one word in the "Name" field, we now pass as a "First Name" field. 
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