New Feedback is not being shared to social media

First, make sure your account is connected to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ under the Setup > Social Media Setup section.

If it is connected and set to auto post the system is holding the feedback on 7 day delay in the publishing of feedback to prevent duplicate content on third party review sites, like Google and Yelp.

When a third party site sees feedback posted on our micro site, and then a customer submits similar content as a review the review is seen as a duplicate and is not shown by that site.

Since the review site has more authority we are delaying the publishing of feedback until after the follow up sequence expires ( 7 days) before we release them to published on the micro site and plugin.

You have the ability to publish the “pending” feedback for demos, or clients that are not promoting on sites like Google or Yelp in their follow up sequence.

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