What happens if I cancel the service?

Yext keeps your listings safe with Guaranteed Presence. When PowerListings syncs your listings on each partner site, we lock them from anyone else editing them. This guarantees your basic information - name, address and phone number will be correct on our partner sites. We lock your listing down - so other sources of bad information can't overwrite with that wrong info.

If you cancel your PowerListings subscription, we release our lock on your information on each publisher - and the original source of data with wrong information could overwrite it at any time. Unfortunately, it often does and we cannot control this unless we have an active sync.

PowerListings also enhances your listings with photos, videos, a unique featured message tag line, a website link, hours of operation, a description, content lists, and more. These extra fields help you stand out from the pack in local search results and can have a positive impact on your SEO.

If you cancel your PowerListings subscription, we will stop syncing all enhanced content and many partners will remove it from the listings.

Yext also offers a customizable widget through Pages, which allows you to sync social posts, enhanced content and more directly to your website.

If you cancel your subscription any content published on your website through the Yext widget will come down.

Lastly, by canceling your subscription, you will no longer have access to our reporting data or review monitoring services, which allow you to monitor your local search performance and see traffic to your listings.

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