Business Location Says "already signed up with Yext"

If an Agency has clients who are unaware of their current Yext provider (duplicate listings notice), you can advise them to reach out to Yext for more information.

An email draft is enclosed below that you can give to the business owner, as they have to communicate directly with Yext.

Please note that the business owner must reach out directly and email using the following template.

Neither Reputation Loop or you, the Agency, will be able to verify this information, so it is important to stress that the SMB owner contacts Yext directly for these matters.


Email Template for Customers Have An Active Account Thorough Yext:

Please confirm who is managing my business listings. I am trying to activate my account with [NAME] and they received a duplicate account notice.


Account Details

Account Owner:
Account Owner Email:
Business Name:
Business Address:
Business Phone:
Billing Address:
Last 4 digits of Credit Card:

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